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I am not focused on “selling” you anything. I know that is a bold statement, that you may not believe, but continue here and you will find out why my primary focus is to make you so happy with OnlineViz that you tell everyone you know about us!

Patrick Smith, Owner


Patrick Smith, Owner of OnlineViz image

Spoiler alert. If you see me in person you will see I have gained way too much weight since Jessica Daniels Photography took this picture. But hey.. this gives me motivation 🙂

A Little History

If you would like to know more about me and my history, as I grew from my first small business in 1987 through a corporation with offices in multiple states, to today, where I manage a team in the U.S., Canada, and occasional outsourcers in other countries while I travel and work as a nomad… take a peak at the video.

Why is it important to you?

  • I have been in your shoes. You can take advantage of what I have learned without the pain and high cost.
  • I have the wholesale buying power to bring you the best tools and the best pricing.
  • I have personally tested and used everything I suggest to you in my own companies.
  • I bring a unique combination of 30 years as a sales professional with over 25 years working with IT. This means I can see how the tech operates but also see how it can make you money!

What Makes Us Unique

A Partnership

We look at each of our customers as partners. We want to be “invested” in your success. As you succeed so do we.

Digital Services Audit

Would you go to a doctor who prescribed surgery without researching your health?


You would want someone to take a complete look at your health and anlyze what is best.

That’s what we do for your business.

Holistic Strategy

Your business growth deserves someone to help you with a complete strategy, not a one-off tool or fancy gizmo.

5-Star Execution

Our focus is to make you so happy you tell everyone!


For one thing, one happy person who trusts you, even if they did not buy from you, will know 7 more people that need your service this year.

That’s what I will teach you to do for your business as well,

What We Do That’s Different

We create a customized strategy specifically for your company and audience.

Our strategy for your business growth is not like anything you have seen or heard about before.


Because we focus on YOU first and foremost. Finding out who your customers are and how to grow YOUR business.

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