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The follow up to “A Quide to Relationship Marketing”

Hopefully you have picked up a copy of my eBbook or audio book, “A Quide to Relationship Marketing”.

This page is filled with follow up resources. It will be updated as I find new tools to help you on your search toa  succesful company.


Chapter 1: What is Relationship Marketing?

To define it, Relationship Marketing is a proactive system that creates a long-term relationship with a customer. It focuses on the customer’s needs and not the needs of the business.

But there’s an issue here. Anyone can be an expert in their niche. Unfortunately, not everyone has the expertise to be a successful business owner. Organization management. Sales strategies. Funding requirements. Financial projections. There are a LOT of hats a business owner must wear.

Here are some links to help you take off some of those hats:

Chapter 2: What Do You Really Do?

Key #1: Know and be able to articulate your USP automatically in a way that is focused on the needs of your prospect or current customer. This will build and solidify your relationship.

Worksheet – Developing an Elevator Speech

Chapter 3: How Do Others See Your Company?

Key #2: Be aware of your online reputation and how it affects your relationships.

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Chapter 4: Attitude Is Everything

Key # 3:  Analyze your attitude toward your customers.  Develop an attitude throughout your whole company that is focused on getting other people what they want first and foremost.

Chapter 5: Be the Guide, Not the Hero

Key # 4: Learn to become a guide and allow your customer to be the hero. Check out our companion guide to help you discover your client “avatar”.

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Chapter 6: A Plan


Key # 5: Build your first productivity plan with 3 to 5 steps.